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Apocalypse (Apollo) gets 8 years, LaTavia is Pressed About Editing, & Lil Mo goes off on… PRINCE????

Let me just start by apologizing to ALL of my lovelies out there, I know it’s been a minute, but when I say I’ve been busy… that’s NO UNDERSTATEMENT! I missed out on recapping R&B Divas ATL (I’ve been tuning in faithfully, & I have a few opinions), I didn’t want to recap LHHATL cause the stories have become a bit weak, redundant, & tiresome (other than the occasional “ratchetness,” there’s been no point in recapping). Don’t worry, with R&B Divas LA returning next week, & Preachers of LA & BFV starting again next month, I’ll certainly be reading folks left & right when necessary, lol!! As always, let’s get it in, shall we!

Cirque du Soleil TOTEM Premieres In Atlanta

Chile, if you were anywhere near your TV, phone, desktop, or tablet, then you already know that a judge sentenced Apocalypse (oops, I mean Apollo) to EIGHT YEARS in federal prison for his “unlawful shenanigans.” You know that little thing one does to reduce the amount of jail time they receive for any crimes committed… SNITCHING??? The more legally appropriate term is “plea bargain.” Apocalypse agreed to “spill the tea” in exchange for a shorter sentence!! Not to mention, he wanted to avoid a lengthy trial! BTW, I’m not an Apollo fan, but sons need their fathers, & Apollo compromised that BIG TIME! Now ladies, when your man is facing serious jail time that could separate him from both you & the kids, a REAL “ride or die” chick would be holding things down beside her man… right??? HELL NO, & that’s exactly what Phae Phae said when she didn’t show up to the courthouse when Apocalypse was sentenced! Quietness is kept, but Phaedra was seen “living it up” in Mexico alongside Kandi & Fantasia for ‘Tasia’s birthday (talk about being “unphucking bothered)”!! While Apollo (I’ll call him by his government name) was chilling with his kids in Atlanta this past week, Phae Phae was “living her life like it’s GOLDEN” in Mexico (s/o to Ms. Jill Scott). Now, the countdown is on until Phaedra’s divorce from Apollo (it’s inevitable, but hey, if Phaedra can have patience, why can’t we??). I wonder did Phaedra say #FixItJesus when she heard about the verdict???


Now, y’all do remember this WORLD FAMOUS READ made by Phaedra Parks, don’t you??? Now, I’m Team Kenya, but even I have to admit this was the read for the ages! Yes, it was lowdown, & under the belt, BUT it was still a read that will live on in reality TV history. Now, with that being said, I’m not one to kick someone when they’re down, BUT, KARMA IS A B#TCH, isn’t it???? The first time Apocalypse went to prison, he wasn’t married or had children, NOW, Apollo is going to prison leaving behind a wife & 2 sons!!! My heart goes out to his sons Ayden & Dylan. As for Phaedra, I can’t really have sympathy for her given how both her & Apollo tried to demean Kenya during part 3 of the reunion (Kenya is no saint, & may not have a man, BUT she also doesn’t share 2 children with a 2x prison inmate)!!! No child should have to visit their parent behind bars (my heart truly goes out to those innocent little boys)!! Apollo compromised his future with his family when he decided to repeat past mistakes at his family’s expense!! It’s karma for ALL THE PEOPLE this man defrauded out of retirement funds, mortgage & credit loans, savings, etc… The moral to this story, don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house!! At the end of the day, 2 innocent children are paying the price! SMH! Today, Kandi released a statement saying “Phaedra’s doing great. She’s basically working. That’s how I deal with things too; when I have a lot going on, I just put more into work. I know that she’s promoting her book and doing the book tour and stuff like that and she’s not really trying to focus as much on what’s happening.” Curious how Kenya responded to the news (cause y’all know that heffa had an opinion)? Well, Kenya was ACTUALLY nice about the situation (probably nicer than Apollo deserves), “You can’t kick someone while they are down even if they fell trying to trip you. Offer them a hand instead. . Well, look at Jesus… I have to hand it to Kenya, she did take the high road, & for that she will get no criticism from me, but I can’t wait til these heffas start filming for next season! BTW, EVERYBODY is invited back next season, including “265 days a year Porsha.”


Now, if you’ve been keeping up with R&B Divas this past season, then you know that the ladies were SCREWED out of a Grammy nomination (talk to Faith Evans about that, cause I don’t have NOTHING to do with it), Angie was recording music, & playing “Mother Goose,” even though her own hen house is a hot a$$ mess, KeKe was crazy as hell, BUT sung her face off when necessary (REAL TALK, if you haven’t bought KeKe’s new EP, please do so, you won’t be disappointed cause “Lie Under You” & “Another Lifetime” are my FAVORITES)), Syleena’s been negotiating possible record deals, recording singles (Perfectly Worthless is AMAZING), & I love Syleena, BUT somebody should have told her “No Ma’am” to those catsuits… that’s all I’m gonna say, Monifah has a new singles, had to check KeKe’s azz, & got married to Terez (YAY!), & Meelah (702) “Where my girls at, from the front to back…” discussed her son’s autism, her “unique” relationship with Musiq Soulchild, & reintroducing herself as a solo artist. All these ladies hosted a “One Night Only” event during Grammy weekend, & everything went well…. One more thing, LATAVIA DOESN’T/CAN’T SING!! Now, we all know LaTavia is one of the founding members of Destiny’s Child, who quit/was fired (depending who you ask) from DC back in the day! Now, let’s fast forward into the future, now LaTavia is a mom, & …. yeah, that’s about it! This ENTIRE season, LaTavia has given every excuse in the book why she wouldn’t sing from God telling her not to (I must have used the bathroom during that scene, lol), rickets, a sore toe, laryngitis, bad weather, stage fright, to having gas, etc… the ONLY time she actually sung was in Hawaii (season finale) when KeKe & Angie put her on the spot, & LaTavia chose “And I’m Feeling Good,” & she sounded ok (she should lay off those “Virginia Slims”).

Phil Thornton & LaTavia

 However, during part 1 of the R&B Divas reunion, LaTavia explained how editing made her look bad, & made it seems like she didn’t want to participate, & host Wendy Williams (how you doin) was not having it… & apparently neither is R&B Divas executive producer, Phil Thornton!! Thornton says that he’s sick of cast members using the “Oh, it’s the editing” excuse. In fact, he says that he was surprised that she was bothered, because she seemed more than happy to return for next season during the reunion. And if Roberson had all these other things going on as she said, he says that she should have shown them: “We gave you the opportunity to tell us what to capture, but we only saw what you gave.” Sounds to me like LaTavia WILL NOT be back next season since she’s pissed off production (I really hope not cause her “oh my goodness, I’m panicking at the thought of being on stage” segments were DRY AS HELL, I can’t deal with this next season)! REAL TALK: Don’t worry, Phil! The viewers at home know good & damn well what we saw, & LaTavia is just trying to cover her “soon-to-be-once-again-irrelevant” azz!! LaTavia was given an extraordinary opportunity to reintroduce herself to the world, & she dropped the ball BIG TIME!!! Monifah, KeKe, Syleena, & Meelah ALL HAVE NEW MUSIC OUT, & they’ve been using R&B Divas to promote their artistry (they didn’t waste this opportunity). Deborah Cox, Tamia, Blu Cantrell, Tweet, Sunshine Anderson, Nicole Wray, Mya, Jackie McGhee (Kut Klose), the girls from “Total,” “Changing Faces,” hell, maybe even one of the surviving members of “Blaque” could replace LaTavia (& Angie while we’re at it)!! Don’t signup for a show like R&B Divas if music isn’t your thing! Music is a VITAL PART of R&B Divas! If LaTavia has lost her passion or desire to be a musician, then why join this show??? Her spot would have been better suited for someone else.

lil-mo-prince-twitter-diss-essence-festival-popstoptv-beefOver the 4th of July weekend, Essence Music Festival kicked off its 20th anniversary with… PRINCE!!! Without question, one of the greatest artists, singers, & musicians EVER!!! Someone of Prince’s stature deserves the utmost respect, MEANING, if the ENTIRE backstage area is closed off so Prince can make his way to the stage without any interference, there should be NO PROBLEMS with that, right??? Well… not if you’re Lil Mo, who claims she had VIP passes to frolic backstage at the festival as she pleased, but was prevented from using the restroom and was even “pushed in the stomach,” if that wasn’t enough, Lil Mo went as far as to DISS PRINCE’S VOICE (oh no she didn’t):

lil_mo_instagramLil-Mo-Prince-DissLet’s just say die hard Prince fans were not having it, here are some of the comments:

“but wait you have a VIP all access pass tho!!! You must’ve won that from 92q cause real celebs don’t need those to walk freely back stage! Sit ya short big lip ass in the corner some damn where and be quiet!! You haven’t been relevant in 13 years… Shit you wasn’t relevant then lol”

“First of all I had to Google your ass to even know who u were. Second no matter what you do you will never be at his level. Prince is music royalty. No he hasn’t had an album in a few years but you still hear all his old shit in the radio. Sounds like someone has a little celebrity attitude to but it didn’t work for you. So in the words of Ice Cube…….BYEFELICIA.”

“Real celebs, even HAS BEENS, don’t need a PASS to mingle with their peers, and last I checked Prince didn’t work for a security company so why is your hatefulness directed at him? You need to take several fuckin seats and perhaps get some class about yourself. #crabsinabucket #whenkeepingitrealgoeswrong”

“I’m sure Prince doesn’t have to beg for gigs and advertise that he’s “available for booking” on his Instagram page… Or any page for that matter… Just sayin… *kanye shrug*”

However, Prince is not one to be outdone, check out his response:


Real Talk: Y’all know I love Lil Mo, BUT, my girl has been wildin out EVER SINCE her & her husband separated!!! She’s always talking reckless on social media, constantly posting pics of her & her boxer boyfriend, dissing her ex husband like crazy, & wearing blond lace fronts where the hairline is either too low, invisible, or 2 shades lighter or darker than her actual hairline color!! Lil Mo has an amazing voice, BUT GIRL YOU DON’T EVER COME FOR THE PURPLE ONE!!! Prince is a LEGEND, been in the business for over 30 YEARS, 7 Grammys, an Oscar, Golden Globe, & in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!!! Lil Mo, yes, some celebrities are extra, BUT, blame the police/security for blocking you, Prince had nothing to do with that! It’s one thing to be pissed with security personnel, but to DISS PRINCE’S VOICE, GIRL BYE!!! Even after THIRTY SOMETHING YEARS, Prince can still sell out an arena & stadium, that’s what you call STAYING POWER, when you reach that level Lil Mo, then I will side with you!!! Until then, record music, spend more time finding the right hair color to match your skin tone, & get ready for R&B Divas LA season 2!