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Solange Knowles Beats The Brakes Off JayZ…. While Queen Bey stands there like a VISITOR!!!

Solange beat the breaks of SolangeLovelies, I know it’s been a minute, & so much sh#t has been going down, but when I heard about Solange “putting dem paws” on JayZ, I had to post something!! So as always, let’s get it in!! Last week was the annual Met Gala (The Fashion Oscars), & everybody came out all fancied up, & SLAYED FOR THE GAWDS!! Beyonce stole the show in a jaw-dropping black Givenchy gown. Queen Bey arrived in a black sheer gown which featured intricate beading, a low-cut neckline, and a long train that grazed the red carpet. Jay Z arrived in a black & white custom made tux! To make the night even more interesting, Beyonce supposedly “lost” her ring, but not to fear, King Hov comes to Queen Bey’s rescue (going as far as to stage a mock proposal)! 

mock proposal "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - ArrivalsWhat a sweet moment…. who knew that ONLY moments later, ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE IN A DAMN ELEVATOR!!! Now, there are like a MILLION DAMN THEORIES about what went down, & real talk: Nobody knows why things went REAL LEFT REAL QUICK in that elevator, but 3 things are obvious: 1) JayZ said/did something that Solange the f#ck off, 2) Beyonce was SO UNF#%KIN BOTHERED, & 3) This sh#t has happened before (these MOFOS were WAY TOO DAMN CALM, especially Beyonce). Now, this sh#t happened LAST WEEK, so HOW IN THE HELL IS IT THAT WE ARE JUST FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS SH#T NOW???!!! If you haven’t seen the footage, I got you cause I’ve included some clips (Disclaimer: there is NO AUDIO…. what I wouldn’t give to have been a fly on that wall).



Now in the FULL VIDEO, Beyonce is seen as entering the elevator FIRST, then Solange, then Jay. The moment the elevator door closes, Solange approaches JayZ, & then goes off. The gentleman restraining an obviously upset Solange as she’s attacking Jay is Julian, Beyonce’s bodyguard. As Solange continues her confrontation/tirade against Jay, Beyonce is seen standing in the corner seemingly unfazed by what’s transpiring between her husband & sister. Solange throws a few slaps/punches Hov’s way, then it appears the situation has subsided, then it starts again when Solange begins kicking Hov, at this moment, Bey briefly steps between the 2. At one point, Solange is kicking Jay Z, Jay Z grabs her leg to stop her, & then Bey stops Jay from touching Solange. Julian manages to calm Solange down, for a moment, it appears as if Solange & JayZ are arguing as Beyonce stands between them (Beyonce actually starts looking at Jay Z while Solange is letting out her frustration). seemingly torn between the 2, Beyonce just stands there. As they all make their way off the elevator, Beyonce heads out first, but then Solange goes in, & takes another swing at Jay.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Party with Solange at Met Gala After PartyFollowing the “heated exchange” on the elevator, Beyonce & Solange left in one car, while Julian guided Jay to another vehicle! Now Chile, I’m not one to gossip, BUT, I’ve heard all kinds of foolery regarding this: Jay cheated on Bey, & Solange called him out on it; Solange was drunk, & went in on Jay; Jay’s been beating Beyonce (now this story is ABSOLUTELY false), Jay cussed Solange out, & Solange went HAM, etc… Whatever went down, one thing is obvious: Beyonce’s a graduate of “Matthew Knowles School of Media Training.” The fact that the Met Gala of 2014 took place on May 5, & this video was leaked YESTERDAY, does make this “interesting,” especially since there’s rumors surfacing that Kelly Rowland tied the knot over the weekend (I think I speak for everyone when I say “that wedding took a back seat, LITERALLY“).

Jay-Z-Beyonce-Basketball-Playoffs-NYCWell, Beyonce is putting that media training to good use cause her & Jay were all smiles at the Heat vs Nets playoff game earlier tonight!! Despite the different theories, NO ONE actually knows what caused Solange to go off “40 days & 40 nights” on Jay, but one thing is clear… Bey is standing by her man, BUT it can’t be easy choosing sides between her husband & her sister! Real Talk: While I do enjoy seeing Bey & Jay so happy, I do feel at times like they project a TOO DAMN PERFECT LIFE!! Yes, all couples have problems, but Jay Z & Bey have done such a “PERFECT” job protecting their image & shielding the media from the private lives, that up until recently, EVERYONE is now seeing a more “REAL” side to the couple! All this is happening just weeks after the “hottest couple in the industry” announced they would be going on the “On The Run” Summer tour.  I know one thing: Julian DESERVES A RAISE! All I will say is “All that glitters is NOT gold.” For Solange to go HAM on JayZ, then Beyonce standing there like a damn visitor…. SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT!! Solange is about that life… “If I do say so myself, If I do say so myself….” LOL